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John Griffiths, Kyoshi, 8th Dan, President

The Road to Enlightenment

Our Mission: To teach the classical martial arts that were developed on Okinawa. Okinawa Konanryu Kohokan Karate Kobudo Hakutsuru Kyokai spreads the knowledge of classical martial arts through the heritage of those carrying on for Chuck Chandler Kyoshi.

Under the leadership of John Griffiths, Kyoshi, President for the Konanryu Karate Kobudo Hakutsuru Kyokai Association, the organization's main purpose is to preserve and instruct the old, traditional Okinawan and Chinese martial arts, culture and history. This is achieved through a variety of mediums, including, and not limited to, videos, seminars and private tutelage.

Hohan Soken

"When I returned to Okinawa, I trained in the old ways, and I did not understand the new methods that were being taught. It appeared to be sport and very commercial. My old ways of training were not accepted by everyone. They thought it to be too hard, old, and crude. I believe it was just that my methods were too severe. Whatever it was, it was the way I learned and the way I taught."

- Hohan Soken, May 1, 1978

"I made a great effort to master Soken Sensei's karate. Maybe his ideas were number one in all Okinawa. Two months before he died, he asked me to take care of his karate and pass it down to posterity after he was gone."

- Takaya Yabiku, May 14, 1998

Takaya Yabiku and Chuck Chandler -Passai-1997

Takaya Yabiku Hanshi and Chuck Chandler Kyoshi training in Okinawa. Here Yabiku Sensei demonstrates a knock out strike from Matsumura Passai during one of the many trips Chandler Kyoshi has made to Okinawa.

"I keep going back to Okinawa to train so that I can pass on traditional Okinawan karate."

- Chuck Chandler Kyoshi

Chandler Kyoshi trained in Okinawa since 1972. He returned many times to further his knowledge from the Okinawan source of karate. Chandler Kyoshi trained with several Okinawan masters including Soken Sensei.

"I don't want the old ways to be lost. That would be tragic. We must pass on the traditional Okinawan techniques and history."

- Chuck Chandler Kyoshi

From 1972 to 2009, Chandler Kyoshi was dedicated to the study of the high class arts of Okinawan karate and chose his teachers carefully.

Griffiths Kyoshi is carrying on the high standards and tradition passed to him from Chandler Kyoshi and others he has trained with over the years.